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howdy, i'm jamie! ♡ the hope is strong in this one.

17 . infj . pisces

"What can I do to make it up to you?"

Epik High Fly - the song that thankfully got me into hip hop. Me and Rap Mon too came to the conclusion that we should rap while we listened to Epik High Fly. 2006… when I was in the 6th grade of middle school, while I was listening to this song I declared that “Yeah me too! I will also do rap!” (laughs) and that became my dream, it became my all, it became my life and I think it made the current me.” -SUGA for myminyoongi


*kyungsoo eating the food he made* nice who made this

flawless chenhun on showtime ep.10

abc's of kim jongdae - [i] inspirational (I cr.)
kai: im tired
kyungsoo: let me sing you to sleep alright
baekhyun: im tired
kyungsoo: wtf do you want me to do, close your eyes for you



Natural hair goals (@mandajesspanda)

I don’t understand. She looks like a goddess. Obviously she isn’t of this world.