these two are so damn cute help me 




total hottie


Musée du Chocolat coordination for Enchanted Event

Credit goes to Marie Tuonetar


pink tops: Chicnova
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fem erejean captains of opposing cheer squads. jean being all hot and bothered every time she sees eren. eren purposefully exaggerating her movements to make sure jeans knows how flexible her meaty teeny body is. jean dropping a pompom on purpose and only bending at the hips so eren gets a good view. intense arguments of ‘our team is better than yours’ ‘no our team is better than yours’. opposing teams doing their routines next to each other. eren looks over at jean with her hair pulled up in pigtail and bouncing in loose curls with her makeup not budging one millimetre on her face. eren dropping both the girls off her stocky, wide shoulders because she looks for too long. little stocky square eren can hold a girl on each shoulder and jean whimpers when she sees it every time. eren walking up to jean after a game and making fun of all of the cliche moves. jean pulling the bow out of her hair and the hair tie with it. eren losing her train of thought as jean’s stupidly full-bodied hair falls into stupid perfect dumb loose waves across her collar. jean smirking and laughing and calling eren pathetic. eren getting all flustered and red in the face over it. jean apologizing for it later by making out with her behind the bleachers

back door cracked we don’t need a key

we get in for free, no v.i.p. sleaze

drink that kool aid follow me lead

now you’re one of us, you’re coming with me

this is my life, my everything, my favourite album, warrior.

warrior is literally my theme song im cryin i just love kesha so much

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